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Have you ever wanted to use cheat codes in real life? Well now you can! (Sort of)

PolyPlanet is a planet "building" game where you use cheat codes to "build" the planet. You start off with a body full of water and with the help of cheat codes you create continents, buildings, upgraded buildings, a satellite and many other upcoming things!

Clue website will be up soon where you can find the cheats codes.


- "Build" a planet

- Continents, Buildings, Satellite, Space

- No save feature

- Use the knowledge of other games to progress (game quotes, character names, etc)

- Play notes with you keyboard

- End message

How to play:

- Click on the white text box

- Input a code (e.g. "killtacular")

-If you entered the code correctly you should hear a ding sound and the text should disappear

- If the text disappears but you don't hear a ding sound, it means that you've found a new code but it requires something else to be unlocked before it.


- Mouse to look around - Mouse Scroll to zoom in and out

- Type codes into the text box on the bottom

- Use Backspace to hide or show text box

- Use letters to play notes

- To enable/disable fullscreen press Tab

- To quit press Escape


The game is currently in Pre-Alpha stage with many changes and updates coming. The game will have a 30% discount until it leaves the Early Access stage.

Planned features:

- Forests

- Roads

- Music

- Ambient Sounds

- Better UI

- Mac and Linux support

- Many other things


Buy Now$0.99 USD or more

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PolyPlanet (Early Access) 64bit 368 MB
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